Assisted Reproduction Services

Assisted Reproduction Services

Steven takes pride in helping form families through assisted reproduction.  Steven is a leading attorney in this new and expanding field of law, in which he sensitively handles hundreds of reproduction matters per year, both domestically and internationally, and is actively involved in legislative matters.

Areas of Steven’s reproduction practice include gestational and traditional surrogacy, as well as egg, embryo, and sperm donation.  Steven brings the utmost integrity, reliability, knowledge, and compassion to his assisted reproduction practice. Every detail is handled delicately and he ensures that each matter is completed in a proper and timely manner.

Steven’s assisted reproduction services include thorough and supportive legal counsel; experienced risk assessment; guidance concerning the various steps and procedures;  drafting, reviewing and negotiating the legal contracts;  drafting the necessary court documents and performing all work as required for the establishment of parental rights; analysis of complex international and interstate issues; trust account administration; and making sure the legal procedures are proper and ethical. He gladly provides services to intended parents, surrogates, recipients, and donors.

Escrow/Trust Account Services

Steven is pleased to provide responsible and meticulous escrow/trust account services, wherein a separate and dedicated bank account is opened for each surrogacy matter in which he holds the escrow/trust funds.  His office provides detailed and concise account statements on a regular basis and whenever requested.