Adoption Services

Adoption Services


Services for Adoptive Parents

Knowing the very personal nature of adoptions, Steven not only explains his services, but also offers the opportunity to make sure he is the right fit for them.  Steven works with a limited number of adoptive parents at a time, enabling him to focus on their particular needs and to increase the opportunity for a quick and successful match with a birth mother.

Steven handles all forms of adoption, including independent and agency adoptions; intrastate and interstate adoptions; stepparent and second parent adoptions; foster adoptions; special needs adoptions; and adult adoptions.


Services & Financial Assistance to Birth Mothers

Steven treats all birth mothers with the compassion, care and respect they deserve.

All services Steven provides to birth mothers are free of charge. He makes himself available to the birth parents and, if desired, other members of their family.

Knowing the challenges a birth mother encounters in her pregnancy, birth mothers are provided lawful financial assistance with their pregnancy-related expenses, including medical, living, and counseling costs.

Birth parents and their loved ones are encouraged to contact Steven Lazarus for profiles of awaiting adoptive families.